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The Big Match Up

While everyone’s waiting for the ‘big match up’ we enjoy the Mixed Doubles Semi and Women’s Doubles Final, the Italian duo powering through from behind in the last set to take the trophy.
Everyone is picking a five setter with Nadal and Federer but the world number one is just too good for The Swiss Mister, despite us loyal fans cheering him on loudly.
The tennis has us on the edge of our seats and amazed at how they actually reach some of the balls let alone hit them back as winners.

Nadal constantly seems to have problems with his undies, I tweet suggesting the great New Zealand company Bendon could no doubt help. A sports journo tweets back that Nadal has no doubt had plenty of women offering him assistance in this area – I was purely tapping into my connections to offer technical support only……..honest, remember I’m a Federer fan!

The walk home is again thoroughly enjoyable, it’s so balmy tonight and we stop to hear the buskers and spot tree trunks covered in crochet patters that form art.

Tomorrow the tennis starts later so we might hire some bikes and explore a little, in the mean time I feel like I’ve played a five setter and bed feels great.