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Buenos Aires – New Zealand here we come

I can’t believe we are now in Buenos Aires and beginning our journey home. It was quite moving saying goodbye to the Sea Spirit crew and our expedition team. How welcome they have made us feel. At the Ushuaia airport there are more farewells to our fellow travellers as we all flew out to various destinations around the world. Just one more sleep and we will be winging our way home to New Zealand.

This time we are staying in a different part of Buenos Aires, right in the middle of the city in the TRYP Hotel. The location is perfect for last minute purchases, although our BIG yellow jackets that Quark/Peregrine gave us for Antarctica are jeopardising space in my suitcase! I’m pretty sure Ed planned this…

We find a café a couple of blocks from our hotel and enjoy a meal surrounded by locals, always a good sign. We enjoy a meander around the inner city, including the stunning Galerías Pacífico Shopping Centre. With its painted frescos, wrought iron and a fountain, it offers not only fashion but architectural pleasure also. It was built in 1882 and modelled on the Le Bon Marche in Paris. Apparently the building was used as a torture centre by the military junta that ruled Argentina from 1976 through 1983 and I’m quite sure some men still regard it as a place of torture! Mum and I think we could easily spend hours here tomorrow!

We vow to return in the morning and head back for a good night’s sleep.

We wake at 8.45am and after breakfast enjoy the 20 degrees and being in shorts and t-shirts once again.

If you want to shop for leather items, shoes and bags particularly – Buenos Aires is a girl’s dream and well worth travelling here with an empty suitcase.

With a couple of nice bits it is time to head to the airport. I’m very excited about seeing Anna and Alex (our lovely kids – well teenagers I should say) and our friends and sharing face to face the experiences we have had.

Perhaps there is still time for one more South American Malbec or a Pisco Sour before we go!

Salud and adiós!