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How perfect is Antarctica?

Well it’s the closest we have to the perfect eco-system, where everything is living in harmony – in balance. We just have to make sure we humans don’t stuff it up, especially when the Antarctic Treaty expires in 2041. We must protect it for it is unique.
I’ve been to some beautiful places in the world, crikey I even live on Waiheke Island but Antarctica is out of this world. It’s constantly changing. It’s pristine, twinkling and glistening in the sun and then in a blink it closes in, becoming dramatic and moody. It seems so incredible vast and as if you are the only one that exists but it’s actually teeming with life.

Make a promise to yourself that you will go and see Antarctica with your own eyes because as much as I’ve tried; it’s so very hard to find the words to describe what I’ve seen and experienced these past few weeks.


Here are some of my favourite memories…

–          The huge excitement as we stepped onto the ship knowing it was actually happening and we were finally heading to Antarctica


–          Seeing my first penguin in Antarctica with blue skies above us, snow glistening and my Mum and Ed sharing it with me



–          A hot towel handed to us every time we re-boarded the Sea Spirit


–          Two Leopard Seals frolicking in and out of the water by our Zodiac allowing us a very close look at these pre-historic creatures
















– The precision and beauty of the birds


–          Watching Mum and spending time with her









–          Sitting and watching the penguins at any of the colonies we visited. They are characters, full of personality and intrigue. I loved to watch them walking, sleeping, cleaning themselves, coming in and out of the water, picking up stones, being chased by their chicks till they finally gave in and fed their young


–          Watching a sleeping Humpback Whale for 20 odd minutes breathing on the surface of the water metres away from our Zodiac before it woke up, rose up before diving down into the dark depths beneath us


–          Presentations from John (history), Natalie (whales), Adrian (birds including penguins) and Cheli’s hilarious recaps of where we’ve been that day and what’s in store for tomorrow.


–          Zodiac cruising around icebergs with the sun on my face

Duncan Zodiacs

–          Stepping foot onto the Antarctic Continent for the first time


–          Visiting the hauntingly beautiful Deception Island


–          The restaurant staff from Sea Spirit – always happy to see us


–          Most importantly special memories with Mum and Ed that will stay with me forever