Who we are

Robyn Brugh

Writing my own personal profile is a tough assignment because as a mother of two small children, I am rarely permitted the opportunity to talk about myself or even to complete a single lucid thought. Happily, such perils of parenthood are tempered by many positive aspects, not least of which are the many and varied skills I have been able to refine over the past seven years and now apply to my professional life.
The parallels between motherhood and communications may not seem immediately obvious, but trust me: they’re there, lurking just beneath the surface. Skills like time management; the ability to provide information in a clear and concise manner; creative problem solving; the ability to come up with a plan and then be prepared to toss that plan out the window with nary a backward glance: these are all skills that I have honed from being a mum.
Before plunging into parenthood I spent five years as a member of House of Travel’s marketing team, which is where I first came across Niki. As Retail Marketing Manager, I was involved in the creation of tactical and brand advertising campaigns, product brochures and House of Travel’s in-house “Inspire” magazine which at the time grew to be published externally and was available to be purchased by the general public. I also supported Niki in providing media training to a large number of our owner-operators and regional PR for the House of Travel outlets.
I have always respected and admired Niki’s ability and genuine desire to forge strong, lasting relationships with both clients and colleagues, so it was an easy decision to join her team at Niki Schuck PR. She has an amazing knack for identifying people’s strengths and putting them to great use. In my case, those strengths include dedication, creativity, tenacity and the ability to approach any situation calmly and with a sense of humour. I can also make a pretty fabulous sock puppet.

What else should you know about me?

  • My husband Camron and I have two great kids, Sophia and Toby
  • Born and bred in the beautiful Rangitikei, I still consider myself a country girl at heart
  • I love to write, but I love to read even more
  • My previous jobs have included travel consultant, shepherd and tutor at a boys’ prep school
  • I wish I had more time to play the piano
  • I am a spelling and grammar geek
  • I have become quite rusty in French, Spanish and Swedish
  • In 2013 I ran the Auckland Marathon and in doing so learned that with running, as with most aspects of life, it’s mostly about gumption