Lizzie Marvelly

Lizzie has been described as a ‘popera princess’, ‘true songbird’ and even, by the Prime Minister himself, as a ‘national treasure’. Two international signings, two top-ten albums, two European tours, concerts in Asia and Arabia amongst others, a smash-hit charity single and countless national anthems and tours – in just seven years. Lizzie has become something of an industry veteran at the (not very) grown-up age of 24.

Discovered by Frankie Stevens and her famous uncle, Sir Howard Morrison, in her early teens, Lizzie was on the road at age 16. Mentored by some of music’s greatest artists and industry players, Lizzie has evolved under their watchful eyes to become an intuitive and entrancing performer, and a disarmingly truthful songwriter.

This year has seen Lizzie evolving into exciting new territory. Writing her first song at age six, so began a quiet journey of self-discovery, which took place somewhat secretly throughout her school years. When she fell into the classical crossover genre as a teenager Lizzie continued to write music, scribbling lyrics on various hotel notepads as she travelled around the world. After two successful classical crossover albums, Lizzie third studio album, her writer’s debut, is called Collisions and can be purchased on iTunes.

In May 2015 Lizzie launched her new website, Villainesse.com  because she wanted to hear more young female voices represented in the media. Lizzie, who has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology, wanted to create a website where women were empowered to be smart and opinionated; where thinking and questioning were celebrated.

Her vision is for Villainesse.com to grow to be both a vibrant and supportive community and an outlet where ethical, truthful media is prioritised.

Villainesses’ “My Body My Terms” campaign created an incredible response on social media and with media around the world. Add the link to the video http://mybodymyterms.com



Here are three of her latest music videos

“Lizzie has that rarest of gifts that only great artists have. The ability to reach out and touch your soul” – Nick Patrick – world renowned English producer


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Martin Snedden, CEO of Duco
Lizzie is a great pleasure to work with. Very professional, on point, infectious personality, and she produced a great result. Many thanks for a super vocal experience. I can’t tell you how great it is to see 800 pairs of eyes fixed towards the stage for 8 minutes.Martin Snedden, CEO of Duco