Sandra Clair

Sandra Clair is one of New Zealand’s most highly qualified Swiss trained medical herbalists and a medical anthropologist (M.A.).
She is currently completing a PhD in Health Science at the University of Canterbury in collaboration with the Emeritus Chair for Natural Medicine of the University of Zürich, Switzerland.

Sandra has been practicing and teaching plant medicine for over 25 years, has been a speaker at many health science conferences and is an internationally published writer of health science topics. She speaks regularly to corporate, health and education organisations and interest groups.

She has a weekly NZHerald.co.nz health column and has featured in The Australian Women’s Weekly, Stuff.co.nz, Good Health Choices, Element magazine, Live Well magazine, including on-air health interviews on Mix 98.2 and Coast FM.
Sandra grew up in Switzerland where plant medicine is a normal part of contemporary medicine and acknowledged as the basis of modern medicine with over 2,500 years of history.

Sandra’s vision is to be able to share her proven medical knowledge of plants so that New Zealanders will discover how they can heal us and keep us well.

She lives and breathes a green and healthy lifestyle with her husband in their ecosanctuary on the Otago Peninsula.
In 1992, following a chance encounter with a renowned Swiss nun, medical herbalist and midwife, Sandra spent three years learning from Sister Pauline many of the revered secrets of traditional European medicine.

Sandra’s passion and enthusiasm for plant medicine deepened and led her to complete a master’s degree in medical anthropology at the University of Berne in Switzerland and post graduate qualifications in health sciences in New Zealand and Australia.

In 1995, Sandra travelled to New Zealand and fall in love with the outstanding beauty and plant diversity of Otago and its people. She settled on the Otago Peninsula with a vision to contribute in her work and passion to happier, healthier people. Growing up in a country where plant medicine is integrated into the official medical system, Sandra has brought this knowledge, expertise and experience to New Zealand.

Sandra run a busy plant medicine practice in Dunedin for many years and quickly gained a reputation for her traditional Swiss health products, with health stores, pharmacies and practitioners soon requesting to sell them because of the clinical successes she was having with her clients.

In 1998, Sandra founded Artemis, New Zealand’s leading traditional plant medicine company. Artemis was named in honour of the ancient Greek goddess of nature and the wilderness. Medicinal plants named after her have supported human health for over 2,500 years.

Available for:

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Panel discussions on plant medicine, health and wellbeing
  • Corporate health and wellbeing seminars