Leigh Kite, General Manager
We started working with Niki and her team last year. We charged them with the task of building the profile of our founder, Sandra Clair. Cementing Sandra as the plant medicine expert in New Zealand was an integral part of our wider marketing strategy, to give credibility to our products and tell our many brand stories. Over the past year, Sandra has featured in nearly all of the publications we initially targeted. She’s now a weekly columnist for the NZ Herald Online, giving us ample opportunity to share her knowledge on traditional plant medicine. As a result of this PR activity, Artemis’ profile has noticeably lifted both in the media and our target market. We’ve enjoyed working closely with Niki and her team. They understand our business goals and do their part well to enable us to achieve them. Niki’s industry contacts are invaluable and she has built a great team around her.www.artemis.co.nz Leigh Kite, General Manager

Peter Young, Producer/director, The Last Ocean (Fisheye Films)
Niki Schuck PR is awesome to work with. In 2012 I released an environmental/political feature documentary called The Last Ocean. It premiered at the New Zealand Film Festival and with little budget to play with I decided the best option to promote the film was to invest in PR. I met Niki and was taken by her energy and enthusiasm so took her on. We had a wonderful premiere and a fantastic result with the media, right across the board – print, television, radio and online. Niki and her team worked very hard with a professional but fun approach to the project and importantly they gave some great advice along the way. See this project »Peter Young, Producer/director, The Last Ocean (Fisheye Films)

 Michael Smyth, Approachable Lawyer
The value of good PR cannot be underestimated. A business can pay thousands of dollars on advertising and not get the same results than with some well positioned PR pieces in appropriate media. That’s why I approached Niki Schuck PR to look after the PR for my new book Employed But Under Fire. Once they had arranged interviews on Newstalk ZB, Breakfast TV, and placed reviews in the Herald and various other magazines, sales of the book sky rocketed making the investment pay dividends. I would not hesitate to use Niki Schuck PR again and would recommend anyone who is serious about raising their public profile to do the same. www.approachablelawyer.com Michael Smyth, Approachable Lawyer

 Sandy McGregor, Fundraising Team Leader Mercy Hospice Auckland Te Korowai Atawhai
It has been awesome working with Niki Schuck PR, and having them as part of our team. They have provided Mercy Hospice with amazing PR plans and strategies, effectively raising the Awareness of our services. Often providing more than we expect and they are veyy quick and efficient at meeting short deadlines and offering sensible and knowledgeable advice. The Niki Schuck PR Team is passionate about ‘hospice’, and has spent a lot of time developing and understanding our unique messaging and branding. See this project » Sandy McGregor, Fundraising Team Leader Mercy Hospice Auckland Te Korowai Atawhai

 Malcolm Rands – Founder and Chief Executive ecostore
Niki Schuck PR quickly became part of the ecostore team, able to converse easily with staff and represent us to media. Their extensive networks have ensured a high quality of coverage on a regular basis and their responsiveness has meant we can make the most of opportunities by being proactive. Nothing’s a problem and they’re never short of an idea or two. It’s a winning combination. See this project » Malcolm Rands – Founder and Chief Executive ecostore

Mike Wallis, Writer/Director/Producer - Good for Nothing
Niki Schuck PR delivered for us, what has been described by people in the industry, as one of the most impressive publicity campaigns for a New Zealand movie. Given our limited budget our primary marketing angle was to utilise publicity and Niki Schuck PR was beyond outstanding. They were passionate, dedicated and willing to fight for us and the film and delivered something truly remarkable. When looking for a new team member we look for extraordinary people who will lift our project, business and profile to a place that we cannot. Niki Schuck PR’s passion, ideas, dedication and networks lifted our publicity campaign to a place far beyond our expectations and I doubt there are many others in New Zealand that could match what they have achieved. One of the best decisions we made was having Niki Schuck PR join our team. See this project »Mike Wallis, Writer/Director/Producer - Good for Nothing